Director of Music Tribute Medley (7.644 MB)

The Sounds of the Public School (7.466 MB)

Advance Australia Fair (4.408 MB)

Mayangan (10.972 MB)

The Eye of The Sound Storm (8.961 MB)

Rockstar (9.257 MB)

Selections from Mary Poppins (7.785 MB)

Water is Life (4.508 MB)

Lifeblood (9.23 MB)

The Silent Call of Kati Thanda (8.43 MB)

Deeper Down (9.25 MB)

Giants and Dragons (9.659 MB)

Water is Life - Reprise (5.196 MB)

Interludes (1.643 MB)

Counting Stars (10.582 MB)

I Have a Voice (12.069 MB)

Don't Stop (7.126 MB)